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Wheel Repair and Refinishing at ACG
Get your wheels looking like new!

There are many reasons why your beautiful, aftermarket wheels can start deteriorating. First to go is the finish on the wheels. Whether you have clearcoated, painted, or polished wheel, the finish will start suffering from the constant exposure to the hostile road environment like debris, exposure to sun, rain, or high pressure car washes.

The major problem with the aftermarket wheel finishes is a poor choice of the finishing facilities by the wheel manufacturer. This normally happens when the wheel manufacturer is trying to cut their costs or if they simply do not know of a quality, trustworthy finishing business in Sothern California.

We use carefully selected businesses that have a proven track record in delivering flawless product that can withstand to the road hazards over a longer period of time.

At Automotive Connoisseur Group we are able to:

  • Offer you a wide variety of finishes for you wheels
  • Dismount/mount the tires with our state-of-the-art Hunter machines (see here)
  • Disassemble multi-piece wheels to later assemble and re-seal them in-house
  • Provide you with reasonable timeframe in which your wheels will be returned to you
  • Swap out the pieces of the wheels that can not be re-finished/repaired

Below you can see several examples of the wheels we have done for our clients.

Automotive Connoisseur Group - Wheel Mounting & Balancing at ACG San Diego  


Any wheel can be refinished. 1-piece monoblock wheel we can refinish the whole wheel for you.

On the Multipiece wheels we can fix / change the color of the wheel center, hardware, inner barrel or the outer barrel (lip). In most cases we can also lighten your wheel by installing the Titanium Hardwars instead of the standard stainless steel. (see here)

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We provide 1 year warranty on our wheel finishes. The warranty does not apply if the wheel gets scratched or damaged. We charge $100 per wheel to disassemble and then assemble the wheel back together.



$tba per





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