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Custom Wheel Pinstriping San Diego Time Attack


Custom Wheel Pinstriping at ACG
A simple and inexpensive visual upgrade to make your car stand out from the crowd!

Whether you have a good looking OEM wheel or an aftermarket wheel and you want them to stand out a little more, we suggest the pinstriping option. Pinstripe or "Time Attack Style" is a line that goes around the edge of the wheel adding that racy feel to your current wheel setup.

  • Accentuates your wheel making it noticeable and racy
  • Does not require tire removal in 99% of the cases
  • On black wheels it separates the wheel color from the tire color making the wheels look bigger
  • Great way to get read of a deep or mild curb rash
  • Can be colormatched to your car body paint / brake color / lugnuts to have better overall flow

Below you can see several examples of the wheels we have done for our clients.

Automotive Connoisseur Group - Wheel Mounting & Balancing at ACG San Diego  


There are all types of pinstriping we can do. They can be thick thin, double, or colormatched.

We do not advise applying pinstripe to chrome or polished aluminum surface. The paint does not stick too well to those types of surfaces.

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The pinstripe can be any thickness and we require 2 business days to get all 4 wheels done. The wheels paint requires at least 2 more days to cure so we do not recommend installing the wheels on the car or shipping them.



$100 per wheel if no repairs are required





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