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Corner Weighting and Balancing at ACG
This is a critical stage of making your car handle its absolute best on the street and on the track .


At Automotive Connoisseur Group we provide this service to the clients who are serious about setting up their suspension correctly. Below, you can see the full explanation of why Corner Balancing is important for your car.

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Corner Balancing can only be done on the cars that have the height- adjustable suspension. Some cars come with such suspension right off the showroom floor (Ferrari, Porsche GT3, Lotus etc.). The cars that come with non-adjustable shock/spring setup require height-adjustable coilovers or a sleeve kit. Ask us about what we have available for your particular application and what we recommend.

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Corner Balancing

Coner Balancing is refered to shifting the weight balance of the vehicle by adjusting the length of the individual coilovers or adjustable coil springs on that vehicle.

To make things simple, lets compare a standard 4-wheel car to 4-legged table. For that table to be in perfect balance, every leg should be of equal length. This way the pressure will be applied equaly to the floor and the table will not rock and be out of balance.

Using the example above, in order for the car to be perfectly balanced, the suspension should be adjusted so that every tire applies the same ammount of force to the ground. A well balanced race suspension will have the distribution of weight where the diaganally opposite corners of the car will apply the same pressure to the ground. Just like our example with a table, the car with perfect corner balance will not "rock" or teeter when outside forces affect it. That car would have Left Front + Right Rear corners have an equal weight to Right-Front + Left Rear corners.

In order to be able to corner balance the car, you need the following:

  • Ride-Height adjustable suspension (coilover / adjustable spring coils)
  • A race shop with corner balancing equipment
  • A driver of the car or a ballast to simulate the exact weight of the driver


500lb 2000lb 500lb

For the sake of the argument, we have a car that has a weight of 2000lb that is positioned exactly at the middle of the car. A perfect balance would be created when each corner of the vehicle weights 500lb. That means that each tire will apply exactly the same ammount of force to the ground.

In this case the Left Front + Right Rear = Right-Front + Left Rear = 1000lb. The total of all 4 corners will equal to 2000lb.

500lb 500lb


400lb 2000lb 400lb

When looking at a car like Porshe or Lotus, the engine is positioned on the back. Taking the above information into account, the image on the left still shows a propperly coner balanced vehicle.


600lb 600lb


driver 100lb
car 2000lb

In order to make a real-life example, we need to account for a driver when corner-balancing a vehicle. Any shop that does professional corner balancing normally puts a ballast in the driver's seat that is equal to the weigt of the driver of the car.

Let's say that a diver weights 100lb. That makes the weight distribution as follow: Left Front + Right Rear = Right Front + Left Rear = 1050lb

In this example the car still maintain perfect balance.

600lb 600lb


600lb 2200lb 500lb

For an examples sake, lets lift the Left Front and Right Rear of a perfectly balanced car to add 100lb on each of the above mentioned sides. Te corner balance would be off and the car will act like a table with 2 short opposite legs. In effect the car will "rock" and the handling would be severely affected when turning in one direction versus the other.

The car with weight distribution that is pictured on the left will oversteer (or want to spin out) when turning left, yet understeer and feel very heavy when turning right.

500lb 600lb


In contrast, a perfectly corner balanced car will handle the same when turning left and right, and will be maximizing tire contact area on all four corners, thus will have more grip all around.

Obviously, to be able to adjust the corner "weights" requires a suspension that has ride-height adjustability. Coil-over springs are mounted on adjustable (screw-type) perches that go up and down on the shock absorber. This allows you to adjust the ride height, as well as make fine tune adjustments to the "weight" of each corner on the road. 









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