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Satin Paint Protection at ACG
We will not stop until you are satisfied with what we have done for you!

Having "matte", "satin" or "semi-gloss" paint on the exterior of your car is not a new idea; however, it has gotten popular with exotic, upper-end luxury and GT cars as of late. You can see BMW offering "Frozen" custom paint schemes from their "Individual" collection. Mercedes is showing "Designo" satin exterior paints on their upper end cars at the dealerships. What we offer is a more unique approach to making your paint satin instead of glossy.

Instead of painting the whole car we will overlay every panel with a "clear bra" that has satin metallic finish. Your car stays the same color but with overlaying every panel with our Satin Protection film, the finish becomes satin instead of glossy and the paint becomes highly reflective and metallic.

This type of exterior finishing has its major advantages. The Satin Protection film is a thick, 8mil clear bra. It protects your paint from road debris and other road hazards. The process is fully reversible as you always have an option of peeling the Satin Protection film off the car to find the original paint in perfect condition. The material and the process is also a lot less expensive then painting the vehicle. Stunning looks that will make any car a head-turner

  • Perfect for leased cars or show cars
  • Prevents any chips, pits and imperfections on your car's paint
  • Protects the paint from UV rays
  • Keeps up the resale value of your car
  • Repels water and other elements
  • Can be removed without damaging factory paint
  • Track tested: 3 years on our race car @ 3 races a month
  • 5 warranty on the product & installation / workmanship

Our specialists have over 10 years of non-combined, hands-on experience in applying clear bra film on automobiles, busses and even helicopters and airplanes. There is no substitute for their experience. Every line is seamless, every cut is perfect and you can't even tell where the film ends.

At Automotive Connoisseur Group we believe that your vehicle deserves close attention to detail. We use a single sheet of material and custom-form it around every panel we work on. We precisely cut the film where we need and in most cases wrap the film around the panel to hide the lines completely. We have tested many brands of film to come up with the best quality material that will not yellow, that comes with warranty, that will not lose its finish qualities or unglue around the edges. See below for more details.



Examples of Our Work
We will not stop until you are satisfied with what we have done for you!

We do all of our work in-house and we stock all the necessary materials for the job. If have been looking for the best quality product and installation in San Diego County, you have found it!

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