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Mustang Dynamometer All-Wheel-Drive AWD San Diego Dyno


Mustang AWD-500-SE Dyne at ACG
Top notch equipment for the high-end tuned street cars, race cars and exotics!

Automotive Connoisseur Group is proud be one of the few shops to have in-house state of the art 4wd Mustang Dynamometer (AWD-500-SE). Our dyne allows to see the minimal changes in the performance of your vehicle due to the ability to run the car under load and create the real world road conditions.

Our dyne is available if you are looking to have a baseline power/torque reading, fine-tune your performance modifications, data log your car in safe environment or have a full tuning session done.

Our Dyne is calibrated beyond the standard settings to accurately represent the power and torque of your vehicle. We are able to measure power, torque, air/fuel ratio, boost, exhaust gas temperature, intercooler temperature, coolant temperature and many other parameters in real time. We are able to perform a range of tests including constant speed, constant torque, step tests, and elapse time tests like 1/4 sprint, 60-130mph run and more.

Because of the characteristic of our dyne we are able to test the vehicle at partial throttle at a given load to dial up the drivability before testing the car on the street. This translates into much safer tuning and better drivability on the road.

We are experienced with lowered street cars and exotics. We always make sure that your car is firmly strapped down and that our straps are not damaging any panels on your car before we proceed with dyno session. You'd be surprised at how many shops do not pay enough attention to those details.

Mustang AWD-500-SE Dynamometer can accommodate various types of AWD vehicle transmissions and wheelbases without excessive complication and, more importantly, without risking damage to a client’s AWD system. By being mechanically linked, all rollers spin at the same speed and the potential for catastrophic drivetrain damage caused by front and rear speed differences is eliminated. You can test the vehicle with all four wheels spinning at the same speed without worry.

Many 2-wheel drive vehicles are required to be put into a "dyno mode" in order to run them with only 2 wheels spinning. Otherwise, the traction controls and other electronic assists would not allow to take a valid power reading from the vehicle. With late BMW e46 M3 for instance, the only way to set it to "dyno mode" is to use the equipment that is only available at BMW dealerships. With our dynomometer there is no need for that. When all 4 wheels are rotating at the same speed, we can reproduce the real world driving conditions. The vehicle would not see a difference between being driven on the road and making a power pull on our dyne. Not only it allows for accurate, real world readings, but it also allows us to test many vehicles other shops cannot.

Reading Your Dyno Charts
Tune it, run it, double check it!

Many customers come to our shop simply to see the power of their car after they do cetain modifications. Many look for only one thing: the peak power output. The high peak power is a great number for braging rights and for feeling good that the investment into the aftermarket modifications has yielded some good results.

That being said, you can tell a lot more about the vehicle performance by looking at it's dyno chart. I would like to look at certain graphs and tell you what to look for and how to interprite what you see.

First thing to know about how your car will perform in te real world conditions is looking at the "area under the curve" or the average horsepower number. Area under the curve is the area below the Horsepower plot. To make sence of it, here is the visual example of two cars:



The car in example 2 would be faster at the drag strip then the car in the example 1 simply because it makes power throughout the whole RPM range/powerband. It would also be faster at a road corse because the power is available at any given RPM.

The Power Curve
The Torque Curve
The Boost





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