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HRE Forged Wheels

HRE is a standard by which other wheels are measured. HRE represents the benchmark in strength, quality and customer satisfaction. With fast production times, unique and tasteful designs there is simply no better name out there.



ADV.1 Forged Wheels

We are an authorised distributor for ADV.1 Wheels! When it comes to beauty and drastically standing out in the sea of cool cars, these wheels take the cake. Concave and proportionate, these wheels will transform your vehicle into a work of art.


DPE Forged Wheels

Yet another brand needing no introduction. DPE has been in the forefront of 3-piece wheel manufacturing since the very start. We really like DPE for their very diverse wheel choice and pricing. DPE Always delivers top quality at reasonable price.

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These are our best selling wheels. They are light, strong and have customizable fitments and finished. Forgestar wheels fill the gap between the heavy cast wheels and light forged wheels at a VERY attractive price!


VOLK Racing Wheels

Volk is #1 choice for lightweight street and racing 1-piece wheel applications. The wheels are made in Japan and they are available in Japanese and European vehicle fitments. See inside for details.




VOSSEN provides gorgeous wheels for practically any car out there. They have unique concave designs and the pricing is very reasonable. We like VOSSEN because of variety of applications, style and strength of the wheels.


Vorsteiner Forged Wheels

Vorsteiner has been designing exterior styling accessories for years. The designs are specifically targeted at high performance Euro cars and they flow with the lines and the overall style of the car perfectly. Contact us for best pricing.



COR Forged Wheels

COR are truly custom wheels. Their ultra strong 1-piece designs are just as stylish as their 3-piece offerings. COR has many lines in all price ranges and they keep coming out with newer designes all the time. Call us for best pricing on COR wheels.


BBS Wheels

When you think of an aftermarket or a racing wheel, BBS tops the list. BBS is a granddaddy of them all. Their original designs are copied by many. Those who have the authentic BBS are recognized by any car enthusiast for their knowledgeable choice in wheels.



AXIOM Forged Wheels

From high end exotics to American muscle, from European to Japanese imports these wheels will make you stand out from the crowd! AXIOMs are beautiful, light and strong. Call or e-mail us for best pricing.


Brabus Wheels

The ultimate tuner for Mercedes Benz also offers the wheels for your car. They are extremely durable and stylish. We are an authorized distributor for Brabus USA. Call us for best pricing and availability on the product.

  Brabus Monoblock Wheels



NUTEK Wheels

Introducing the new wheels! Nutek is a high-end, California based wheel manufacturer and we fell in love with the designs and the quality from the get-go. All of their designs are very original and very innovative. In house production assures fast delivery and top quality.


Interad Forged Wheels

These concave wheels have very unique designs and finishes. We absolutely love some of the models and we feel that the wheels are priced very fairly. See the gallery, and give us a call if you like what you see.



RENNEN Modular Forged

This wheel brand features beautiful, designs in concave and classic profiles. Multipiece and the light monoblocls are available. Rennen is known for lighter weights and fair pricing. For best price contact us over the phone or e-mail.


DUB.1 Wheels

With the latest craze and popularity surrounding concave wheels designs, DUB.1 introduces a wheel line catered towards large sedans and SUVs. These fully custom oversized wheels will make your street car turn a lot of heads.




KLASSEN Leichtmetallrader is a company which focuses strictly on quality, exclusivity, durability and the looks. These wheels are not for everyone but only for those who know the difference and can afford to choose. The wheels are flawless in every way.


360 Forged Wheels

This company has started the trend of hiding the rivets to achieve a cleaner and classier look. Most followed and some copied. Till this day 360Forged is putting out some of the most attractive designs in the industry. Contact us for best pricing.




Whether you have a Japanese or Euro car and you are looking for that lighter race wheel or a race inspired look, these are for you. Excellent quality, wide recognition and cool designs! Just e-mail us or give us a call for a quote!


ISS Forged Wheels

These wheels are an excellent choice from the quality and price standpoint. The designs are clean and there are several wheel lines available to suite your style and price point. Call or e-mail us to get a better price then what is listed on the web site.


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FORGIATO Wheels 3pc

Forgiato is one of the most marketed brands in the world. All the ballers have it, the name is prestigious, their designs are nice and the innovation is always a priority. We are proud to sell these wheels and we like the quality!


FORT - Eurosport Wheels

FORT Cast wheels are all about top quality, lighter weight and a very affordable cost. Many applications are available for regular cars and SUV's. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Infinity and other applications are available. This is out best selling wheel line!

Avant Garde Wheels AG-Forged


Avant Garde Wheels

Avant Garde offers forged and low pressure cast wheels for many applications. The quality is top notch. Most applications are normally in stock so see inside for info and the pricing.



Stylish, classy and inexpensive. Vertini brings you the wheels that can make your car stand out at an unbeatable price point. There is a wide variety of applications from sports Japanese cars to classy Euros. Ask us for some wheel / tire packages!




This company's sole mission is to transform any vehicle that their wheels adorn into an eye catching, dynamic masterpiece. Characterized by tasteful, yet distinctive designs, luxurious finishing, and stellar materials, the end result is a wheel that's as lustworthy as it is roadworthy. .


MIRO / ALT Wheels

We love MIRO for the very high OEM-like quality of the constructions and finish. Furthermore, MIRO wheels allow you to purchase a set of wheels you want but can't normally afford at a cheap price. See the choices and galleries for some excellent choices.




VMR Wheels

Wheels by Velocity Motoring are currently considered on the market as a best bang for the buck for your European car. They are strong, great looking wheels. They are light, and change the look of your car dramatically. We have great prices on these so e-mail us with price inquiries!


MRR Wheels by EXECstudio: BMW, Audi, VW, Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, Nissan, Acura, gt1, gt2, gt3, gt4, gt5, gt6, hr1, hr2, hr3, hr4, hr5, hr6, hr7, hr8


MRR Wheels

These wheels are it if you are looking for an excellent deal for your BMW, Audi, VW, Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, Nissan or Acura. The designs look great and we can get a great deal on them for you. Just let us know!